Integrated Cutting

A Solution for every market


Compatible with cotton, linen, silk, rayon, and wool. Applications include home furnishings, apparel, trade show, and banners


Compatible with cotton, linen, and some silk, rayon, and wools. Applications include apparel, home furnishings, and flag.

Disperse Dye

Compatible with polyester and some nylons. Applications include apparel, flag, and banner.


Compatible with nylon, silk, and wool.

Applications include activewear, swimwear, intimate apparel, flag,banner, and accessories.


Compatible with nylon, polyester, silk, and rayon. Applications include apparel, soft signage, furnishings, and flag.


Industry Partners



EFI-Reggiani is a global leader in integrated solutions for the textile world, with a focus on the development of sustainable and green processes.


Coldenhove Paper has played a leading role in dye sublimation thanks to the development of transfer paper that offers the highest yield and best runability to date.



Klieverik has been active for over 40 years as a designer and manufacturer of innovative systems that improve the efficiency of textile printing and finishing operations.



With 30 years in digital cutting, Zund is your first and only choice in digital flatbed cutting. Offering 2 platforms and 17 different table sizes, Zund covers the entire industry.

Specialty solutions provider of performance media and ink


Home Furnishings | Activewear | Swimwear | Accessories

Apparel | Trade show | Banners | Flag | Soft Signage | Furnishings

Integrated Textile Solutions

Nextwave Media Solutions is a specialty solutions provider of performance media and ink, and the industry-leading digital textile printing integrator with offices in North America and Central America.

By offering the best combination of inks and media, we'll help you achieve high impact visual results at a fraction of the cost.


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